You can with care on demand

Choose how, when, and where to access your care

Health care shouldn’t limit your health. But traditional fee-for-service health care leaves patients with little control over their care experience. Having to constantly ask yourself “Why can’t I?” when it comes to your health or the health of a loved one isn’t how health care should work. And at Kaiser Permanente, it doesn’t.

In our integrated health system — the leading system in the region1 — we’ve removed the barriers between you and the control you want. With access to care on demand, you choose when, where, and how you get care based on what best fits your needs at the time. And whether it’s online, by phone, via video visit,2 or in person, you never have to sacrifice the quality care our award-winning doctors3 deliver. 

Care, any way you want it

Care that lets you live life on your own terms

Stay Connected

Stay connected

  • Access your medical history and certain lab results via the Kaiser Permanente app.
  • Email any of your physicians through secure email.
  • Get 24/7 medical advice by phone from a registered nurse with access to your medical records.

Maintain control

  • Make in-person, phone, or video appointments.2
  • Access the care you need when traveling away from home.
  • Receive prescription text alerts and medication reminders online.
Save Time

Save time

  • Get treated via video visit or phone appointment.2
  • Order prescriptions online or by phone for home delivery.4
  • Have medical data collected via remote monitoring.

Be flexible

  • Connect with your doctor in person, via video, online, or by phone.
  • Schedule physician and lab appointments (that is, radiology, phlebotomy), order prescriptions, and more online.
  • Receive urgent care or emergency care based on your needs. 

Go virtual 

  • Receive treatment in the office via video visit2 or phone appointment.
  • Access your medical history and certain lab results via the KP app.
  • Get 24/7 phone advice with nurses, and email your doctor.
Access Away From Home

Access away from home

  • Visit 900 MinuteClinics outside of Kaiser Permanente regions for standard urgent care services. 
  • Access urgent or emergency care when you are out of town anywhere in the United States or traveling internationally.

Exceptional health care is yours — virtually anywhere

Staying healthy while staying safe is everyone’s concern, especially now. Kaiser Permanente has built an exceptional network of virtual care to supplement in-person visits. Just jump on a call 24/7 with a registered nurse or schedule a video visit2 with your doctor — or a team of doctors. Telehealth connects you to high-quality health care when and where you need it by phone or on any smart device.

Your doctors are connected and collaborate with you on your care. Your health record is tracked in our network, allowing your doctors immediate access to your medical history, health status, and prescribed medications. We are proud to have pioneered this innovative collaboration and data sharing between health care professionals. Seamlessly connecting your doctor to your entire care team, including specialists, helps eliminate redundancy and can expedite discovery and recovery.

Pandemic readiness for you and your family

Unprecedented times require innovative solutions. Our leading health system1 of care and coverage is uniquely suited to support you through changing conditions with care innovations, customized coverage, convenient telehealth options, and award-winning physicians3 free from insurance entanglements. Since April 2020, 80% of all care visits are virtual, over 18,000 computers have been deployed to increase telehealth visits and enable remote call center support, and our prescription home delivery has been offering same-day delivery and curbside pickup.4 Our integration and experience with previous pandemics make us uniquely capable of delivering ongoing care through COVID-19 by working with the CDC, state governments, and local municipalities. Having the world’s largest civilian electronic network ensures long-term access to care through a national command center. We’re also strategically redeploying our staff and resources where most needed to better protect our front-line workers.

Our integrated system is better for your health

At Kaiser Permanente, our patients aren’t appointments on a doctor’s schedule. They are people with specific needs. And our integrated system of care enables us to individually support each one along their health journey. Our award-winning doctors3 and specialists — along with nurses, pharmacies, and health plan — are all connected to each other, and to the patient and their medical history via an electronic medical record. Every encounter is documented there, so we know our member’s overall health picture.

We have decades of experience providing care by email, via phone or video,2 and online. These are all core components of our integrated delivery system, not add-ons, so quality care is built into every experience. And unlike many insurers, we don’t outsource these services to providers who don’t know our patients’ medical histories. So, our caregivers can all share this information and work together and with you to resolve issues more efficiently, getting you healthier faster. 

All roads lead to an award-winning physician

The engine that drives our integrated system of care is the team of award-winning physicians3 from the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. They are the largest medical group in the Mid-Atlantic region, exclusively treating Kaiser Permanente members. Hundreds have been recognized as Top Doctors.3 Kaiser Permanente’s integrated system of care amplifies the skills of our 1,600+ doctors, so you benefit from their complete body of knowledge. Since our physicians are all connected, they work together to coordinate your follow-up care, monitor conditions, and support prevention through any care option you choose. When the top doctors in the region have the most up-to-date health information, they can help you make the best choices for your overall well-being.

Learn more about your care options with Kaiser Permanente

Traditional fee-for-service care limits the ways you can access care, and is inconsistent from provider to provider. But as a Kaiser Permanente member, you can access care on demand for greater control of your health. We have even more valuable info available at the “Download info” button.

Whether you’re a member who wants to make the best use of your plan or a nonmember considering entering our integrated system to start getting care how you want it, this resource can help you make the best care decisions for you and your family.i